R.A. on the Web

I’m going to take a break from my ranting today to share a couple of links I found yesterday.  The first I came across while I was reading my Zite feed last night.  (I really like Zite and totally recommend it to Ipad users.  You can customize your interests to get articles on things you care about.  Arthritis, for example, which is how this article popped up.)

Top Ten Online Influencers- Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Sharecare.com (which I hadn’t heard of til last night) put together a top ten list of online “influencers” in the world of RA.  Top of the list is Kelly Young, of RA Warrior, a choice I totally agree with.  She is probably the most influential online presence in the world of RA.  I am not sure if I agree or not with the rest of the list, but I understand why they chose who they did.  For the most part the list is actually not people, but websites, that are not even specific to RA.  But…I did find a few new blogs that might be interesting.   Check it out, see what you think.  Let me know if you agree/disagree!

On a side-note, the fact that a chunk of the list isn’t even RA specific, made me realize how hard it is to find actual good RA specific resources out there.  I mean, yes, there are lots of articles on webmd and medpage.  And yes, most of the health message boards have discussion boards for RA, but there are not a lot of good resources.  If I remember and have the energy, I’m going to start trying to compile more  here on my blog for easy use (by me and you!).

Sadly, there are even fewer fibro resources than RA ones.  I am actually pretty disappointed by how little information there is on the supposed fibro organization websites that give you little info for free.  I would like to see something like the arthritis foundation except for fibromyalgia.  But that’s just me.

Back to last night.  I decided to subscribe to Everyday with Rachel Ray (because I love Rachel Ray!  Also I love paper magazines, which is weird, because I do almost all other reading on either my ipad or my kindle), so I was on her website and came across this:

Hero Foods

Rachel’s got a link on her main page to this (RA mentioned on her website- yay!).  Anyway, Seamus Mullen is a chef in NYC who also happens to have RA and he wrote a book called Hero Foods, which is, I guess, about foods that are good for you/make you feel better.  There are a few recipes and a list of a few of those hero foods on the website.  For the most part the foods were berries and greens, and none of the recipes looked remotely appealing to me.  There is a short “What is RA?” section that does very little in the way of explaining RA and (in my opinion) also seems to simplify the treatment of RA with his eating right makes me feel better focus.  I am not disputing that eating right makes him feel better, and that eating right is very important.  It is. But I really do not believe that what we eat is the only factor in how we feel.  I don’t believe food is the answer to RA problems.  I do know specific diets have helped some with RA and other autoimmune diseases; I believe that.  But I don’t think specific diets can cure all of us.  So, I guess I am a bit disappointed by this gloss over approach here.  But…it’s a food related website, so maybe I’m being over-sensitive.  It looks like there is going to be more added, so I’ll keep an eye on it.  Maybe they will actually do RA right with good information.  I hope so.

If I run across any more good (or bad) websites for either RA or fibro, I’ll be sure to share them.  I know not everyone is like me and wants to read every single thing possible about this stuff, but, I’ll share them, just in case.  🙂