I’m an Acupuncture Convert

I have decided I like acupuncture.  Quite a lot, actually.

At first, I was undecided.  It didn’t do much for me the first few sessions.  It was awkward, finding the perfect chair, adjusting to being in a room with other people who are asleep or zoning out.  (I go to a community acupuncture clinic- for more info, click here)  I didn’t totally believe that putting needles in me at weird places would help me with anything.  I had actually started thinking I might quit.

Then, Linda found a good treatment for me (the ouchie one, as she calls it), and it’s really helped with my pain levels.  This past week I have had a cold and allergies on top of it, but acupuncture has helped so much.  It actually blows me away how much the acupuncture helped my symptoms.  Without cold medicines or anything else.  Just some needles.

So, I’m a convert.

Besides the obvious plus side of these good results, there are other aspects of acupuncture that I have to come to really like. Having someone pay attention to me, even for those few minutes it takes to get the needles in, is comforting somehow; Linda pays attention to where my pain is, what my symptoms are, what I need at each session, and she tailors the treatment accordingly.  I like that.  I have also gotten to a good place mentally when I am there.  It’s like my brain now knows: this is quiet time.  I zone out, doze a little (unheard of for me, lately).  I relax.

On top of that, there’s a positive vibe there.  I am not sure I have ever been one to think about positive or negative energy.  I have never believed in that kind of thing, particularly.  But I think I get it now because there’s a positive energy that comes from Linda, but also comes from the entire experience.  I feel good when I am there.

All in all, I’m so happy L. talked me into going.

On a somewhat side-note, I talked to Linda today about whether there’s a treatment she can do to help with the prednisone taper that is coming up (will start the taper down on Saturday- dreading it).  She is going to try the NADA treatment, which is essentially, standard acupuncture treatment for drug and alcohol addiction recovery.  So….should be interesting.  Will keep everyone up to date on that because I know getting off prednisone is a big problem for many of us with autoimmune diseases.